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Why hire a licensed, insured aerial photographer?


The FAA has control of the nation's airspace and it insists in order to fly a drone for a commercial purpose, the Remote Pilot in Charge needs to pass the FAA Part 107 test.  It takes about a month to study for the test, which deals with airspace rules, weather and safety.  


If you compensate the photographer/pilot in any way-including barter, you are putting your company or your client at risk by hiring an unlicensed pilot.    A drone flown in an unsafe manner can cause damage to the drone, a structure or people.  Is that a risk you are willing to take?  

Taking video and photos to new heights 

Among the rules governing licensed drone pilots are ones governing controlled airspace around airports.   We currently have authorization to fly at specific altitudes within the five-mile radius around Trenton-Mercer County (KTTN) airport.   These authorizations usually take  90 days to receive and are the only way to legally fly in these designated zones.   

With our authorization around TTN, we can fly your mission today, legally.   Contact us for further details.

Do you need aerial shots of a residential property or industrial site?   We now offer our clients beautiful 4K or full HD video and 20MP still photographs from the air.  We shoot with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, have an FAA Part 107 License (necessary to legally commercially sell photographs from a drone) and are fully insured.  

106 Straube Center Blvd.

Suite FR-3

Pennington, NJ  08534

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